Strido Events

An online venue for professional translators

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  1. Requirements for membership:
    1. membership of a professional translators' organisation and one nomination from a current member of Stridonium; or
    2. a minimum of three years' full time experience (or the part-time equivalent) as a professional translator (either in-house or freelance) plus two nominations from current members of Stridonium.
  2. The management of Stridonium reserves the right to refuse membership.
  3. Payment of an annual membership contribution of €50 plus VAT. (An invoice will be provided automatically for VAT purposes.)
  4. Members will use their real names at all times, and agree to represent themselves accurately. Any misrepresentation may lead the management of Stridonium, at its discretion, to cancel your use of the site.
  5. The discussions and data on Stridonium are private and confidential. Members will observe confidentiality at all times with respect to those discussions and/or any opinions expressed on Stridonium, and with respect to the use of contact data. Contact data from Stridonium members may not be collected and/or distributed in the private networks of members or third parties.
  6. Members will abide by the Forum etiquette.